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Safer Indoor AWP Expert-REES Industries is a Chinese manufacturer of CE certified aerial working platforms. Our company is located in Feicheng Bianyuan Economic Area, Shandong, China, engaged in Vertical lifts and Scissor Lifts design, production and sales. From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to providing customers with safer indoor aerial working platforms. As a professional China mini electric scissor lifts manufacturers and mini electric scissor lifts factory, relying on years of production experience, REES continuously adopts new technologies, new processes and new materials, implements ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards of international quality management system, international environmental management system, and international health and safety management system, and all its products have passed CE certification in Europe. The technical indicators have reached a high level in the same industry in China, and occupied the market with reasonable prices and good services. They are deeply trusted by the vast number of users. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, Asia and the United States.

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  • Reeslift Ltd.
  • Reeslift Ltd.
  • Reeslift Ltd.


Industry Knowledge Expansion

Scissor lifts derive their name from their distinct scissor-like mechanism, which enables vertical movement. Comprising interlocking metal supports, or "scissors," these lifts provide a reliable platform for accessing elevated areas. The hydraulic or electrically-powered system extends or retracts these scissors, controlling the lift's height with precision and stability.

Key Benefits and Advantages:
Stability and Safety:One of the standout features of scissor lifts is their inherent stability. The design allows for a spacious platform, which translates into a secure working environment for operators. This feature is particularly vital for tasks that require precision, reducing the risk of wobbling or instability.
Vertical Elevation:Scissor lifts excel at providing vertical elevation. Their controlled and uniform movement ensures operators can access elevated areas with ease and precision. This capability is indispensable for a wide range of industries, from construction to warehousing.
Versatility:The adaptability of scissor lifts spans various industries and tasks. Whether it's maintenance, construction, warehousing, or event setup, scissor lifts provide a solution that caters to different needs.
Ease of Operation:Scissor lifts are designed with operator usability in mind. Intuitive controls and straightforward maneuverability contribute to efficient usage, even for individuals with limited aerial access experience.

Applications  Industries:
Construction:In the construction domain, scissor lifts revolutionize tasks like plastering, painting, and installation at varying heights. Their stability and controlled elevation enhance efficiency in projects of all scales.
Warehousing and Retail:Scissor lifts play a pivotal role in optimizing warehouse operations. Stock picking, inventory management, and shelving tasks become streamlined and efficient with the accessibility these lifts provide.
Facility Management:For facilities managers, scissor lifts facilitate inspections, repairs, and maintenance tasks in commercial and industrial buildings. The spacious platform accommodates tools and personnel for efficient execution.