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Safer Indoor AWP Expert-REES Industries is a Chinese manufacturer of CE certified aerial working platforms. Our company is located in Feicheng Bianyuan Economic Area, Shandong, China, engaged in Vertical lifts and Scissor Lifts design, production and sales. From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to providing customers with safer indoor aerial working platforms. As a professional China VERTICAL MAST BOOM LIFT WITH JIB manufacturers and VERTICAL MAST BOOM LIFT WITH JIB factory, relying on years of production experience, REES continuously adopts new technologies, new processes and new materials, implements ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards of international quality management system, international environmental management system, and international health and safety management system, and all its products have passed CE certification in Europe. The technical indicators have reached a high level in the same industry in China, and occupied the market with reasonable prices and good services. They are deeply trusted by the vast number of users. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, Asia and the United States.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

A vertical mast boom lift with a jib is a specialized aerial work platform designed to provide elevated access, reach, and precision for a wide range of tasks.

1. Features of a Vertical Mast Boom Lift with Jib:
The key features of a vertical mast boom lift with a jib include:
a. Vertical Mast: The vertical mast provides stable and vertical elevation, making it suitable for tasks that require precise height adjustments, such as maintenance, repair, installation, and inspection.
b. Articulating Jib: The jib arm extends horizontally from the mast and offers multi-directional articulation. This feature enhances the lift's reach and enables access to areas above obstacles, around obstacles, or in tight spaces.
c. Rotation: Some models of vertical mast boom lifts with a jib offer rotational capabilities, allowing operators to rotate the jib arm and the work platform. This feature is particularly beneficial for tasks that require a wide range of motion without repositioning the entire lift.
d. Elevated Platform: The lift is equipped with a spacious and secure platform where operators can stand or work. The platform often features safety features such as guardrails, harness attachment points, and control panels.
e. Hydraulic Controls: Operators can control the lift's elevation, rotation, and jib articulation using hydraulic controls located within the platform. These controls provide precise movement and positioning.

2. Benefits and Applications:
A vertical mast boom lift with a jib offers several benefits and applications:
a. Versatility: The combination of vertical and horizontal reach makes the lift versatile for tasks in various industries, including construction, maintenance, manufacturing, warehousing, and more.
b. Precision Access: The jib arm's articulation and rotation allow operators to reach precise spots, making it suitable for tasks that demand accurate positioning, such as painting, electrical work, and signage installation.
c. Overhead Access: The jib arm enables access to overhead structures, ceilings, beams, and other areas that are challenging to reach with standard lifts.
d. Efficient Operations: The lift's maneuverability and precise control mechanisms contribute to efficient operations, reducing the need for repositioning and maximizing productivity.
e. Safety: The lift's design prioritizes operator safety with features such as secure platforms, guardrails, and harness attachment points.