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New Product Launched, AMWP4.8-6100

Recently, the REES vertical mast lift family welcomed a brand new member. AMWP4.8-6100 which has attracted lots of attention of global exhibitions, and it is favor with customers. Let’s find out the reasons why.

A reasonable foot-pedal design, combined with a standard saloon style entry gate, provides workers a comfortable and easy entry into the platform when carrying tools. Machine mast and platform guardrail are almost the same height to reduce interference and impact to workers, when approaching forward targets. Components used in the AMWP4.8-6100 are compatible with current model AMWP6-1100, reducing operating costs and enabling easy quick maintenance too, a value -added benefit for both rental companies and individual owners.

What’s more, the platform control unit is also compatible with REES Vertical mast lifts. Machine uses a three-cylinder mast, highly reliable and requiring less maintenance. Maintenance-free battery comes as a standard with 120Ah capacity, long working endurance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Platform can be disassembled from the mast, which means it can be replaced quickly and efficiently in the event of damage. To reduce maintenance time and minimize downtime, there are double full-open doors and a hatch cover on the chassis, enabling easy access to the components. The machine’s unique bumper guard protects paint and decals well helping to keep it working like new. The machine is equipped with REES control system, which has been extensively tested verified on our vertical lifts and it is safe and reliable.

Automatic pothole guard is deployed and ensures the operators’ safe working at height, when the mast is raised, and is retracted and provides better maneuverablity when the mast is lowered. Front wheel drive and steering provides strong anti-slip performance and tight turning radius when travelling indoors, ideal for working in continued spaces.

Machines features a compact design with stowed length of 1.36m, stowed height of 1.98m and overall width of 0.76m. It can easily pass through narrow aisles and standard doorways and can travel in elevators too.

This machines has a platform capacity of 227kg including tools and maximum occupants up to 2 persons, options includes a tool tray and AC power to platform, which will enable workers to get jobs done with high efficiency.