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New product alert-vertical mast lift with jib

New product alert-vertical mast lift with jib

AMWP11.2-8100 is a vertical mat lift with jib, its platform height is 9.2m, working height is 11.2m, and max. horizontal reach to 3m.200kg capacity can allow two persons to work indoor, one person outdoor. It is designed with 345°turret rotation and 130°jib movement which help operators can reach higher elevations and access a wider range of work areas and improve safety by reducing the risk of collisions or obstructions below the lift.

It has the addition of a JIB which extends the reach and range of the vertical mast lift, allowing it to access difficult-to-reach areas, such as over obstacles or into tight spaces. This versatility makes it ideal for tasks like working around obstacles, reaching over walls, or accessing high or awkward locations.

AC motors are standard feature of AMWP11.2-8100, free maintenance with more power, and no need to replace cabin brush. They take less space to make maintenance operations faster, and have a good waterproofness. They provide precise control over speed and torque, allowing operators to make fine adjustments to the lift's movements. This level of control is crucial when positioning the platform precisely, especially when using a jib for extended reach. When choosing a vertical mast lift with an AC motor, it's essential to consider factors such as the required platform height, load capacity, and the specific features needed for your application. Additionally, proper operator training and adherence to safety guidelines are important to ensure safe and efficient use of these lifts.

Reeslift AMWP11.2-8100 is known for its compact design. It has a smaller footprint compared to other types of aerial work platforms with similar reach capabilities. This compact size allows it to be used in tight or confined spaces where larger equipment might not fit, and allows to access areas with low overhead clearance, such as mezzanines, indoor construction sites, or areas with low ceiling heights. Its compact size doesn't limit their capabilities. Vertical mast lifts with jib can still provide significant working heights and outreach, making them suitable for various tasks like maintenance, installations, repairs, and inspections.

It a good and safe lift to realize larger area operation, but pls ensure that operators receive proper training and adhere to safety guidelines to maximize the benefits while minimizing risks.